September 16, 2014 News No Comments

The Community Alliance for Youth Success Youth Committee has been taking Midland by storm the past few months with Project Sticker Shock. Sticker Shock is a nationwide campaign to discourage adults from buying alcohol for underage youth. Bright green stickers with the saying “If you care for them, don’t buy for them. Help prevent underage drinking.” were placed on a variety of alcoholic beverage cases to draw attention to underage drinking, specifically in the upcoming prom and graduation season.

On April 22 and April 23, this group, under adult supervision, managed to sticker shock three of the primary alcohol distributing stores in Midland, including the two Express Mart locations and Eastman Party Store. Owners and managers of each establishment were more than willing to allow the youth into their stores in support of the efforts. The group plans to visit Sid’s Party Store and a few others in the weeks to come. Gaining support from members of the community is critical to the success of Project Sticker Shock. And that was only the beginning. Because of the success the youth had, the group went back to Eastman Party Store on May 22 armed with more stickers than before. The impact the kids had the second time around was extremely successful much like the first time.

“We appreciate the support we’ve received from these local retailers,” said Jennifer Heronema, president & CEO of The Legacy Center. “We hope to increase the number of participating retailers in the future, because this benefits our youth and our community.”

“The opportunity to increase awareness and have an impact is certainly beneficial for everyone,” said Gar Winslow, owner of Eastman Party Store. “We appreciate taking part in this important effort.”

The Community Alliance for Youth Success is a volunteer-based coalition that operates under the guidance of The Legacy Center for Community Success. The coalition members collaborate to achieve the common goal of preventing alcohol, marijuana and other drug abuse among local youth. The Youth Committee meets bi-weekly at The Legacy Center to participate in discussion and activities to help move the youth of Midland County in the right direction. Project Sticker Shock is one of many exciting events the youth are able to participate in. If you are a store owner in Midland County and are interested in our group implementing Project Sticker Shock in your store, please call Michelle at 989-496-1425 for more information.

Written by Kaitlyn Pake